Best Ship Description

Best Manifesting Inc offers a multi carrier and USPS MAC™ product Best Ship™.  We have released our newest version in conjunction with the January 22nd 2012 USPS rate change.  Best Ship supports over 100 shipping services including all options available through UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL.  We offer several configurations of Best Ship depending on your business rules and can integrate with any data base, SQL table, or interface with a package machine or OCR equipment.  Whether your company is in order fulfillment, a mail house, or a retail store that offers shipping to your customers, we can definitely meet your needs. 

Best works with several clients processing Presort 1st Class Parcels and Presort 1st Class Flats.  The Best Ship system is a desktop product that can interface to any system that will provide the fastest processing in the industry.  The user friendly Zone Skip screen allows for USPS minimum requirements to be recognized and also provides an easily system for allowing your company to take additional presort discounts such as 3-digit and 5-digit sortation.    

For our clients in order fulfillment we offer several options.  A Best Ship client has the ability to create their own Rate Shop Profiles. With a simple User Interface you can select specific service classes that will be grouped for Rate Shopping. We have found that this UI Profile system is extremely efficient in filtering the data you want with a quickness that is hard to find in the industry. We also offer a Best Way Rate Shop option, which will determine the least expensive cost to ship your product based on your delivery objectives.   We offer a Discount Priority Mail option that will increase your ROI even greater.     

Best Ship offers a Postage Expense Report. The report details the difference in total charges for your shipments. Best Ship can compare any selected service against numerous other services. This report makes for a great guide for analyzing your postage expenses compared to delivery objectives for other carriers.

In closing, Best Ship is a robust versatile product that we can customize to meet your companies business needs.  We have an excellent relationship with our clients and a development and support team that can handle your request and produce results.  For more information contact  or 


Dennis Miceli